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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “CAROTID ARTERY to remember External carotid artery branches important facts

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External Carotid Artery Branches : How To Remember Easily ?

  • C – Common carotid artery divides into the Carotid sinus and Carotid body.
  • AAscending pharyngeal artery supplies the pharynx.
  • RRetropharyngeal artery is a rare branch.
  • OOccipital artery runs posteriorly to supply the scalp.
  • TTemporal artery runs anteriorly to supply the scalp and face.
  • IInternal maxillary artery supplies the deep face structures.
  • DDeep auricular artery supplies the external ear.
  • AAnterior tympanic artery goes to the middle ear.
  • RRecurrent meningeal artery supplies the dura mater.
  • TTransverse facial artery runs horizontally on the face.
  • EExternal carotid artery terminates as the Endeavouring artery (superior thyroid artery).
  • RRight Superior thyroid artery and Right Inferior thyroid artery supply the thyroid gland.
  • YYawning artery (lingual artery) supplies the tongue.


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