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Here is a quick mnemonic “VESTIBULAR FUNCTION to remember about Examination For Dizziness

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Examination For Dizziness : How To Remember Easily ?

  • V – Variety of neurologic disorders can cause dizziness and imbalance.
  • E – Eye movements should be assessed in the neurologic examination.
  • S – Saccades and pursuit are important for evaluating vestibular function.
  • T – Two eyes should be observed for equal eye movements.
  • I – Inaccurate saccades may indicate central pathology.
  • B – Brainstem or cerebellar lesions may cause vertical misalignment.
  • U – Unidirectional horizontal nystagmus is typically caused by peripheral lesions.
  • L – Light-induced primary position nystagmus may suggest a central cause.
  • A – Alignment of the two eyes can be checked with a cover test.
  • R – Rapid saccades alternate with slow drift in jerk-type nystagmus.
  • F – Frenzel eyeglasses or infrared video goggles can aid in detecting peripheral vestibular nystagmus.
  • U – Unilateral catch-up saccades indicate vestibular hypofunction on the weak side.
  • N – Nystagmus during Dix-Hallpike maneuver suggests posterior canal BPPV.
  • C – Catch-up saccades after head rotations in both directions indicate bilateral vestibular hypofunction.
  • T – Test visual acuity during head motion to assess vestibular function.
  • I – Impaired visual acuity during head motion indicates vestibular dysfunction.
  • O – Overall, evaluating vestibular function is crucial in patients with dizziness and imbalance.
  • N – Nystagmus and eye movements provide valuable diagnostic information.


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