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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “DRUGS CAUSING PANCREAtitis to remember about Drugs Causing Pancreatitis 


D – Didanosine: This antiretroviral medication used to treat HIV/AIDS can lead to pancreatitis.

R – Ritonavir: Another HIV medication, ritonavir, has been associated with pancreatitis.

U – Valproic Acid: This medication is used to treat seizures and mood disorders and can be a culprit in causing pancreatitis.

G – Glyburide: A medication used to manage diabetes, glyburide has been linked to pancreatitis.

S – Sulfasalazine: Used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, this drug can sometimes lead to pancreatitis.

C – Captopril: An ACE inhibitor used for hypertension and heart failure that may cause pancreatitis.

A – Asparaginase: This chemotherapy drug used for leukemia treatment has been known to trigger pancreatitis.

U – Estrogens: Hormone therapy containing estrogens can be a rare cause of pancreatitis.

S – Steroids: Some steroid medications, such as prednisone, have been associated with pancreatitis.

I – Isoniazid: Used to treat tuberculosis, isoniazid can occasionally lead to pancreatitis.

N – Nelfinavir: An antiretroviral medication used for HIV/AIDS treatment, nelfinavir may cause pancreatitis.

G – Gemfibrozil: Used to lower cholesterol levels, gemfibrozil can be a rare cause of pancreatitis.

P – Pentamidine: Used to treat certain parasitic infections, pentamidine can lead to pancreatitis.

A – Azathioprine: An immunosuppressive medication used in various autoimmune diseases, azathioprine can sometimes cause pancreatitis.

N – Nevirapine: Another antiretroviral drug used in HIV/AIDS treatment that has been associated with pancreatitis.

C – Clozapine: An antipsychotic medication that can rarely cause pancreatitis.

R – Ribavirin: Used in the treatment of hepatitis C, ribavirin has been linked to pancreatitis.

E – Exenatide: A medication used to treat diabetes, exenatide can occasionally cause pancreatitis.

A – Alcohol: While not a drug, excessive alcohol consumption is a well-known cause of pancreatitis.

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