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Do you want to learn the names of diseases that are very closely related to Intestinal botulism ? Well, we have devised a quick mnemonic “I Wanna Find A CAT ! Call Me, Issac” that has helped remember the diseases 7 health conditions that have top affiliating genes with this condition

This can really help you in remembering this concept as it had helped me during my clinical rotations as well during med exams 

Which Diseases Are Closely Related To Intestinal Botulism ? :

For this we took the help of Malacards (Intestinal Botulism) to identify them according to top affiliating genes

Then we converted the realated diseases to a memorable mnemonic as follows :

  • I – Infant botulism
  • W – Wound botulism
  • F – Foodborne botulism
  • A – Adult intestinal botulism
  • C – Toxin-mediated infectious botulism
  • A – Adult syndrome T – Colorectal cancer
  • C – Coloboma of optic nerve
  • M – Meckel’s diverticulum
  • I – Inflammatory Bowel Disease 1

Mnemonic: I Wanna Find A CAT ! Call Me, Issac”

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