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Here is a quick mnemonic “CARDIAC CYCLE to remember about Continuous Heart Murmurs

This can be valuable for patients as well as medical doctors, nurses & students doing their clinical rounds. You can also find it very useful for med exams like USMLE, NExT Medical Step 1&2, MBBS, NEET PG, INI-CET, FMGE,MCAT & NCLEX exams

Continuous Heart Murmurs: How To Remember Easily ?

  • C – Continuous murmurs begin in systole
  • A – A patent ductus arteriosus is best heard lateral to the upper left sternal border
  • R – Ruptured sinus of Valsalva aneurysm creates a continuous murmur at the upper right sternal border
  • D – Diastolic component of the murmur may be attenuated or obliterated in large, uncorrected shunts
  • I – Indicative of a continuous pressure difference between the aorta and either the right atrium or the right ventricle
  • A – Audible along the left sternal border with a coronary arteriovenous fistula
  • C – Continuous flow through enlarged intercostal collateral arteries in patients with aortic coarctation
  • C – Cervical bruit with both systolic and diastolic components indicates a high-grade carotid artery stenosis
  • Y – Young and healthy individuals may have a continuous venous hum, especially during pregnancy
  • C – Continuous mammary souffle of pregnancy is louder in systole
  • L – Largely, diastolic portion of the murmur can be eliminated by firm pressure with the stethoscope diaphragm
  • E – Enhanced arterial flow through engorged breasts creates the mammary souffle


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