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Here is a quick mnemonic “ERUPTION to remember about Chikungunya Fever Rash

This can be valuable for patients as well as medical doctors, nurses & students doing their clinical rounds. You can also find it very useful for med exams like USMLE, NEET PG, FMGE, NExT & NCLEX exams

Chikungunya Fever Rash : How To Remember Easily ?

  • E – Eruption occurs on the trunk, extremities, and face.
  • R – Regions where Chikungunya is prevalent: tropical and sub-tropical regions.
  • U – Usually transmitted by Aedes aegypti and A. albopictus mosquitoes.
  • P – Polyarticular arthralgias are severe, especially in small joints.
  • T – Typically, the maculopapular eruption is observed.
  • I – Involvement of hands, wrists, and ankles in migratory arthralgias.
  • O – Occurrence of eruptions on the trunk is common.
  • N – Numerous mosquito bites can lead to Chikungunya infection.

Mnemonic : ERUPTION

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