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The mnemonic is “CQSD” which stands for Clinical, Quality, Site, and Duration. By using this simple mnemonic, you can easily recall the important characteristics of ischemic chest discomfort and confidently differentiate it from other causes of chest pain

As a medical or nursing student, or even as a practicing doctor, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the clinical characteristics of various medical conditions. Hope you find this an easier way of remembering this complex topic.


Characteristics of Ischemic Chest Discomfort Mnemonics :

  • CClinical characteristics of angina are similar in stable ischemic heart disease, unstable angina, and MI

  • QQuality of discomfort: aching, heavy, squeezing, crushing, or constricting; may also be vague and mild

  • SSite of discomfort: usually retrosternal, but radiation is common down the left arm, right arm, neck, jaw, or shoulders

  • DDuration: stable angina dissipates within several minutes with rest or nitroglycerin; unstable angina occurs with progressively lower intensity of physical activity or even at rest; chest discomfort associated with MI is prolonged (usually lasting ≥30 min) and not relieved by rest

Mnemonic: CQSD (Clinical, Quality, Site, and Duration)


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