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The causes and symptoms of Pericarditis, Pleurisy, and Myocarditis can be particularly difficult to keep in mind during medical & nursing exams. That’s why I want to share with you a helpful mnemonic that I came up with: “PIPPA Cries Over Myocarditis and Takotsubo.

This simple phrase has helped me and countless other medical and nursing students to remember the key causes and symptoms of these three conditions. By breaking down each letter of the mnemonic, we can easily recall important information about these conditions

Causes and Symptoms of Pericarditis, Pleurisy, Myocarditis Mnemonics :

  • P: Pericarditis can cause acute or chronic chest discomfort due to inflammation
  • I: Inflammation of the pleural surface causes pleuritic pain that is exacerbated by breathing, coughing, or changes in position
  • P: Pain of pericarditis is often referred to the shoulder and neck
  • P: Pleural inflammation can lead to pain in the upper abdomen
  • A: Acute myocardial diseases can also cause chest discomfort
  • C: Chest discomfort in acute myocarditis may originate with inflammatory injury of the myocardium or be due to severe increases in wall stress related to poor ventricular performance
  • T: Takotsubo cardiomyopathy may mimic acute MI and is triggered by an emotionally or physically stressful event

Mnemonic: PIPPA Cries Over Myocarditis and Takotsubo


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