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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “BASILAR ARTERY to remember about Basilar Artery

  • 📚 “Atlas of Arterial Anatomy: A Comprehensive Guide”
  • 📚 “Clinical Manual of Arterial Disorders”
  • 📚 “Arteries and Their Functions: A Visual Guide”
  • 📚 “Illustrated Handbook of Arterial Pathology”
  • 📚 “Anatomy of the Cardiovascular System: Arterial Edition”
  • 📚 “Arterial Surgery Techniques: A Step-by-Step Guide”
  • 📚 “Essential Textbook of Vascular and Arterial Medicine”
  • 📚 “Arterial Disorders and Diagnostic Imaging: A Case-Based Approach”

Basilar Artery : How To Remember Easily ?

  • B: “Brainstem supply” – Supplies the brainstem with oxygenated blood.
  • A: “Anterior Pontine” – Provides blood to the anterior part of the pons.
  • S: “Superior Cerebellar” – Supplies the superior part of the cerebellum.
  • I: “Inferior Cerebellar” – Provides blood to the inferior part of the cerebellum.
  • L: “Labyrinthine Arteries” – Branches supply the inner ear (cochlea and vestibular apparatus).
  • A: “Anteroinferior Cerebellar” – Supplies the anteroinferior part of the cerebellum.
  • R: “Rostral Paramedian Pontine” – Supplies the rostral (upper) part of the pons.
  • T: “Transverse Pontine” – Supplies the transverse fibers of the pons.
  • E: “Extradural (Epidural) Segment” – This refers to the intracranial segment of the basilar artery.
  • R: “Reticular Activating System” – Supplies the reticular formation involved in consciousness regulation.
  • Y: “Yield Sign” – Helps remember the basilar artery forms a “Y” shape at its bifurcation into posterior cerebral arteries.




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