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Medical and nursing students might utilise the mnemonic “BANKART” to memorise the most important aspects of this injury.

This mnemonic can help students remember key aspects of Bankart lesion, such as the anatomy at play, the diagnostic procedure, the available treatments, and the possible consequences that may arise.

They can use this information to better comprehend and care for patients in clinical settings.

When the front portion of the shoulder socket is torn off due to a severe dislocation, an injury known as a Bankart lesion forms in the shoulder joint.

If not treated properly, it can lead to chronic shoulder pain and instability as well as repeated dislocations.

Bankart Lesion : How To Remember For Exams ?

  • B – Bone loss (specifically of the glenoid)
  • A – Anterior shoulder dislocation
  • N – Normally involves the labrum
  • K – Known to occur in young athletes
  • A – Arm feels loose or unstable
  • R – Repair may be needed to prevent further dislocations
  • T – Treatment options include physical therapy and surgery

Mnemonic: BANKART


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