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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “ANGULAR to remember about Angular Artery important facts

Mnemonic ANGULAR

AAscending branch: The Angular Artery has an ascending branch that supplies blood to the upper part of the face.

NNasal branches: This artery also has nasal branches, providing blood to the nasal region.

GGreater Palatine artery: A branch of the Angular Artery, supplying blood to the hard palate.

UUpper lip: The Angular Artery plays a role in supplying blood to the upper lip.

LLower eyelid: It also has branches that contribute to the blood supply of the lower eyelid.

AAnterior branches: These branches of the Angular Artery distribute blood to the front of the face, including the nose and lips.

RRoot of the nose: The Angular Artery’s branches reach the root of the nose, providing essential blood supply to this area.

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