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When the labrum, a ring of cartilage that surrounds the shoulder socket, separates from the bone and reattaches in a different position, this is known as an ALPSA lesion. The term “ALPSA” is an abbreviation for the more complete description of the injury’s location and nature: anterior labrum, periosteum, superior anterior.

In order to remember the key aspects of an ALPSA lesion, which can be important for accurate diagnosis and treatment, I have provided a mnemonic for medical and nursing students. Students can better remember the details of the injury for tests and discussions with peers if they assign a letter to each component of the injury.

ALPSA Lesion : How To Remember For Exams ?

  • A – Anterior (referring to the position of the lesion on the glenoid)
  • L – Labrum (specifically, a tear or detachment of the labrum)
  • P – Periosteum (a layer of tissue covering the bone near the site of the lesion)
  • S – Superior (referring to the direction of the labral tear)
  • A – Anterior (again, to emphasize the location of the lesion)

Mnemonic: ALPSA


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