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Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “ACCESSORY to remember about Accessory Meningeal Artery important facts



  • A – Artery: The Accessory Meningeal Artery is a branch of the Maxillary Artery, a major vessel in the head and neck.
  • C – Course: Remember that this artery runs a course along the floor of the middle cranial fossa.
  • C – Clinical Significance: It can be important in surgical procedures involving the middle cranial fossa, as it may need to be identified and managed.
  • E – Emissary Vein Connection: The Accessory Meningeal Artery can sometimes be associated with emissary veins, which connect intracranial and extracranial venous systems.
  • S – Supply: This artery supplies blood to the meninges, specifically the dura mater, which is one of the protective layers of the brain and spinal cord.
  • S – Skull: It travels through small foramina in the skull base to reach its destination, which is why its course is relevant for understanding potential clinical scenarios.
  • O – Origin: As mentioned earlier, it originates from the Maxillary Artery, which itself is a branch of the External Carotid Artery.
  • R – Relationship to Foramen Spinosum: The Accessory Meningeal Artery passes through the foramen spinosum, which is an anatomical landmark to remember in relation to this artery.
  • Y – Yields Important Collateral Circulation: In cases of carotid artery disease or blockage, the Accessory Meningeal Artery can contribute to collateral circulation in the brain.
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