Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “”EARS-WISE to remember about the Warning Signs of Otitis Media

E – Earwax Accumulation: Avoid excessive cleaning that can push earwax deeper, contributing to blockages.

A – Antibiotic Overuse: Avoid unnecessary antibiotics to prevent resistance; reserve them for bacterial infections.

R – Recurrent Swimming: Avoid prolonged exposure to water, as it may lead to moisture retention in the ear, promoting infection.

S – Secondhand Smoke: Avoid exposure to tobacco smoke, as it can exacerbate inflammation and hinder recovery.

W – Warm Compress: Avoid applying direct heat, as it may worsen inflammation; opt for a warm compress if needed.

I – Irritants: Avoid exposure to environmental irritants like strong chemicals or allergens that can worsen symptoms.

S – Swabbing: Avoid using cotton swabs to clean the ear canal; it can push debris further and cause injury.

E – Excessive Noise: Avoid loud environments to prevent further irritation and potential damage to the ear.

Dr. Arin Nandi

Passionate About Medical Science & Helping Future Doctors Achieve Top Ranks In Medical Exams. He is professionally a dentist as well as a public health expert from JIPMER (1), (2)working in health department