Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “EAR ALERTS to remember about the Warning Signs of Otitis Media

E: Elevated Temperature

Remember that a fever can often be an early sign of trouble in the ear.

A: Abrupt Hearing Changes

Sudden alterations in hearing might be a key indicator of Otitis Media.

R: Recurrent Tugging at the Ear

Frequent pulling or tugging at the ear can signal discomfort or pain.

A: Averse to Bright Lights

Sensitivity to light might accompany ear issues and should not be ignored.

L: Lack of Appetite

A decrease in appetite can be associated with the discomfort caused by ear problems.

E: Excessive Irritability

Unexplained crankiness or fussiness may be a subtle sign of ear trouble.

R: Restlessness During Sleep

Difficulty sleeping or restless nights could indicate ear-related discomfort.

T: Throat Complaints

Otitis Media can sometimes cause a sore throat or discomfort while swallowing.

S: Sudden Fluid Drainage

Any unexpected discharge from the ear should raise concerns and be evaluated promptly.

Dr. Arin Nandi

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