Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “EAR THUMP to remember about the Triggers for Otitis Media

Eustachian tube dysfunction – (Eustachian tube issues contribute to fluid accumulation in the middle ear.)

Allergies – (Allergic reactions can cause inflammation and fluid buildup in the middle ear.)

Respiratory infections – (Infections like the common cold can lead to Otitis Media.)

Tobacco smoke exposure – (Exposure to secondhand smoke can increase the risk of middle ear infections.)

High altitude changes – (Quick changes in altitude, such as during air travel, can affect ear pressure and contribute to Otitis Media.)

Unhealthy environment – (Exposure to pollutants and poor air quality may impact ear health.)

Mucus-producing foods – (Certain foods can contribute to increased mucus production, affecting the middle ear.)

Pacifier overuse – (Prolonged use of pacifiers may increase the risk of ear infections.)

Dr. Arin Nandi

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