Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “EAR CRAFT to remember about the Triggers for Otitis Media

E – Eradicate Tubes: Timely placement of Tympanostomy Tubes to drain fluid and relieve pressure.

A – Adenoidectomy: Removal of adenoids to improve ventilation and reduce recurrent infections.

R – Reconstruction: Surgical reconstruction of the eardrum or middle ear structures if damaged.

C – Canalplasty: Widening of the ear canal to enhance drainage and access during surgery.

R – Round Window Occlusion: Surgical closure or sealing of the round window to manage inner ear complications.

A – Allograft: Utilizing allograft materials for grafting in tympanoplasty procedures.

F – Fascia Graft: Employing fascia from the patient’s own body for reconstructive purposes.

T – Tympanoplasty: Surgical repair of the tympanic membrane to restore hearing.

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