Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “RASH EARS to remember about the Signs & Symptoms of Alport Syndrome


⚡Mnemonic⚡: Signs & Symptoms of Alport Syndrome

  • R: Renal Issues – Alport Syndrome often leads to kidney problems, including hematuria (blood in urine), proteinuria (protein in urine), and decreased kidney function.

  • A: Auditory Changes – Patients may experience Hearing Loss as a common symptom, particularly in childhood.

  • S: Skin Problems – Some individuals with Alport Syndrome may have skin issues like Easy Bruising due to blood vessel abnormalities.

  • H: Hypertension – High blood pressure is a common feature of Alport Syndrome, which can contribute to kidney damage.

  • E: Eye Abnormalities – The syndrome can cause various eye abnormalities, such as Corneal Opacities and Lens Dislocation.

  • A: Abdominal Pain – Abdominal pain can occur in Alport Syndrome due to kidney complications or related issues.

  • R: Recurrent Infections – Immune system deficiencies are seen in some cases, leading to Recurrent Infections.

  • S: Struggles with Exercise – Many individuals with Alport Syndrome find Exercise Intolerance due to the strain on their kidneys and overall health.

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