Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “CLOUDY BRAIN to remember about the Signs & Symptoms of Acute Brain Syndrome

MnemonicCLOUDY BRAIN⚡Mnemonic⚡: Signs & Symptoms of Acute Brain Syndrome

C – Confusion: Disorientation, difficulty concentrating.

L – Loss of consciousness: Brief or prolonged.

O – Odd behaviors: Bizarre or unusual actions.

U – Unpredictable mood swings: Sudden emotional changes.

D – Delirium: Incoherent speech, altered awareness.

Y – Yielding memory lapses: Forgetfulness and memory problems.

B – Bizarre hallucinations: Sensing things that aren’t there.

R – Rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure: Autonomic symptoms.

A – Agitation: Restlessness, anxiety, or aggressive behavior.

I – Impaired motor skills: Poor coordination and balance.

N – Neurological deficits: Weakness, numbness, or paralysis.

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