Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “MARVEL MIGRANE to remember about the Predisposing Factors of Migraine

⚡Mnemonic⚡: Predisposing Factors of MigraineMMedications: Some medications can trigger migraines, like birth control pills and nitroglycerin.

AAlcohol: Excessive alcohol consumption can be a predisposing factor for migraines.

RRefined Sugars: Diets high in Refined sugars can contribute to migraine risk.

VVascular Issues: Conditions like Vascular malformations or hypertension can predispose individuals to migraines.

EEmotional Stress: High levels of Emotional stress can be a major trigger.

LLights: Bright or flickering Lights, especially if exposed to them for extended periods.

MMonosodium Glutamate (MSG): Meals containing MSG, a food additive, can be a trigger.

IIrregular Sleep Patterns: Inconsistent sleep schedules can contribute to migraines.

GGenetics: A family history of migraines can increase one’s risk.

RRegular Caffeine Intake: Abruptly changing your Regular caffeine habits can trigger migraines.

AAllergies: Allergic reactions, especially food allergies, may play a role.

NNeck Pain: Neck tension or strain can be a predisposing factor.

EEstrogen Levels: Fluctuations in Estrogen can affect migraine susceptibility.

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