Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “TOASTED GLOVES to remember about the Differential Diagnosis of Afferent Loop Syndrome


T: Tumors – Afferent Loop Syndrome can be caused by tumors, including malignancies or benign growths.

O: Obstruction – Mechanical obstructions, such as adhesions or strictures, can contribute to the syndrome.

A: Alcohol Abuse – Excessive alcohol intake can be a factor leading to Afferent Loop Syndrome due to its effects on digestion.

S: Surgical Complications – Postoperative issues, like anastomotic problems or improper surgical techniques, may be a cause.

T: Trauma – Previous surgical trauma or injury can result in Afferent Loop Syndrome.

E: Enteritis – Inflammation of the small intestine (enteritis) can be a contributing factor.

D: Diverticula – Presence of diverticula in the afferent loop may lead to the syndrome.

G: Gastric Ulcers – Ulcers in the stomach can sometimes affect the afferent loop, causing the syndrome.

L: Lymphadenopathy – Enlarged lymph nodes may compress the afferent loop, leading to this condition.

O: Omental Adhesions – Adhesions involving the omentum can be a causative factor.

V: Vascular Insufficiency – Poor blood supply to the afferent loop can contribute to the syndrome.

E: Endoscopy Complications – Complications from previous endoscopic procedures could result in Afferent Loop Syndrome.

S: Strangulated Hernia – A strangulated hernia can cause mechanical issues in the afferent loop.

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