Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “AARSKOG’S to remember about the Differential Diagnosis of Aarskog-Scott Syndrome

MnemonicAARSKOG’S⚡Mnemonic⚡: Differential Diagnosis of Aarskog-Scott Syndrome

AAcromegaly (Check for signs of gigantism and abnormal growth hormone levels)

AAllanson Syndrome (Evaluate for facial and skeletal abnormalities)

RRobinow Syndrome (Examine for similar facial features and intellectual disability)

SSturge-Weber Syndrome (Look for port-wine stains and neurological abnormalities)

KKlinefelter Syndrome (Check for XXY chromosome pattern and associated features)

OOtto Syndrome (Investigate for intellectual disability and distinct facial features)

GGrowth Hormone Deficiency (Assess for growth retardation and hormonal imbalances)

SSmith-Lemli-Opitz Syndrome (Consider if there are multiple congenital anomalies)

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