Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “EARRINGS to remember about the Clinical Features of Otitis Media

E – Ear Tugging: Children with Otitis Media often tug on their ears due to discomfort.

A – Acute Onset: Symptoms typically have a sudden and acute onset.

R – Red Eardrum: Otitis Media can cause the eardrum to appear red and inflamed.

R – Reduced Hearing: Patients may experience a temporary reduction in hearing.

I – Irritability: Infants and young children may become irritable due to ear pain.

N – Nystagmus: In severe cases, Otitis Media can lead to involuntary eye movements.

G – Grumpy: Children might display increased fussiness or grumpiness.

S – Speech Delay: Prolonged or recurrent Otitis Media can contribute to speech delays.

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