Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “HEAR ME POUT to remember about the Characteristic Findings In Otitis Media

H: Hearing Loss

Conductive hearing loss is common due to the fluid in the middle ear.

E: Eardrum

Eardrum may appear bulging or red due to inflammation.

A: Acute Onset

Typically, otitis media presents with a sudden and acute onset.

R: Recurrent Infections

Otitis media can be recurrent, especially in children with anatomical predispositions.

M: Middle Ear Effusion

Fluid accumulation in the middle ear is a characteristic finding.

E: Erythema

Inflammation and redness are often observed in the affected ear.

P: Pain

Ear pain or discomfort is a common symptom in otitis media.

O: Otorrhea

Fluid or pus drainage from the ear can occur.

U: Underlying Respiratory Infection

Otitis media is often preceded by or associated with respiratory infections.

T: Tugging at Ears

Children may exhibit ear tugging or pulling due to pain or discomfort.

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