Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “ASHERMAN to remember about the Causes Of Asherman Syndrome


⚡Mnemonic⚡: Causes Of Asherman Syndrome

A – Abdominal Surgery: Intra-abdominal surgeries, like cesarean sections, may cause Asherman Syndrome.

S – Sexually Transmitted Infections: Certain STIs, such as chlamydia or gonorrhea, can lead to uterine scarring.

H – Hysteroscopy Complications: Asherman Syndrome may result from complications during hysteroscopy procedures.

E – Endometrial Infections: Infections affecting the endometrial lining can contribute to Asherman Syndrome.

R – Radiation Therapy: Previous radiation therapy in the pelvic area can lead to uterine scarring.

M – Miscarriages: Repeated miscarriages or dilation and curettage (D&C) procedures increase the risk of Asherman Syndrome.

A – Autoimmune Diseases: Certain autoimmune disorders, such as lupus, can contribute to uterine adhesions.

N – Non-Puerperal Uterine Infections: Infections in the uterus unrelated to childbirth can cause scarring.

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