Here is a quick mnemonic/memory aid “GAS BALLS to remember about the Causes of Afferent Loop Syndrome


⚡Mnemonic⚡: Causes of Afferent Loop Syndrome

G – Gastric Resection: After gastric surgery, the afferent loop can be affected, leading to Afferent Loop Syndrome.

A – Anastomotic Strictures: The formation of strictures at surgical connections can cause issues in the afferent loop.

S – Stasis (Bacterial Overgrowth): Bacterial overgrowth in the afferent loop due to stasis can lead to Afferent Loop Syndrome.

B – Biliary Reflux: When bile flows back into the afferent loop, it can contribute to Afferent Loop Syndrome.

A – Altered Motility: Motility disorders can impact the afferent loop and result in Afferent Loop Syndrome.

L – Lymphadenopathy: Enlarged lymph nodes can compress the afferent loop and lead to syndrome development.

L – Local Tumors: Tumors near the afferent loop can cause obstruction and Afferent Loop Syndrome.

S – Strangulation (Internal Hernias): Internal hernias can lead to afferent loop strangulation, a cause of the syndrome.

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